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Curated advertising within a premium magazine

We are offering a select number of businesses the opportunity the advertise in Volume I of The Vintage Aviation Echo. Please contact us to request an advertising pack. 

The Vintage Aviation Echo: Volume I is available to pre-order now. Once printed, the magazine will be available to buy directly via our online shop. We are also seeking widespread distribution to specialist magazine and aviation outlets as a precursor to approaching larger national distributors. 

We believe relevant, considered advertising is as much a part of the Echo’s brand identity as engaging content, and we are actively seeking commercial partners to occupy the limited advertising space within our new magazine. 


Limiting the number of advertisers in each edition also allows for the development of long-term collaboration and relationships between the advertisers and the Echo. We understand the importance of fostering the relationship between the magazine, the advertiser and the reader, and deem it vital to our longevity. The Echo’s immersive writing and imagery, coupled with its elegant design and high-quality production values, give advertisers a fantastic opportunity to promote their businesses directly and tastefully, free from the white noise of digital advertising and the inelegant ad placement in many mainstream magazines. 

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High-Quality Product

The Vintage Aviation Echo is unlike any other publication on the market. We’re producing a premium 200-plus page magazine that looks just as at home on a coffee table as it does on the bookshelf alongside other publications. We’ve gone to great expense to create a vibrant new offering we are confident will become a must-buy for historic aviation aficionados. 

In-industry Distribution

Copies will be distributed to individuals who qualify, by virtue of their involvement in the historic aviation scene, to receive a complimentary copy. This means that Volume I will be found in the crew rooms, workshops and offices of some of the largest and most recognisable historic aviation owners, operators and maintainers in the UK and Europe. For advertisers, this ensures your message is delivered directly to the most relevant and invested readership. 

Low Advertising Density

We are strictly limiting the number of advertising pages per issue, with no more than 10% of the 200-plus pages dedicated to curated advertisements from our commercial partners. The Echo aims to create an environment whereby advertisements sit seamlessly alongside excellent copy, with the spartan approach to advertisement placement giving them space to breathe in a way many other magazines and websites simply cannot offer. 


Price List

We are offering a base rate for a single advertisement insertion in Volume I. We are happy to discuss discounted rates for multiple insertions across successive volumes. 

1 / Opening double page pread


2 / Inside cover (in lieu of the above) 


3 / Inner rear cover


4 / Outside rear cover


5 / Premium single page (within the first 10 pages)


6 / Single page


7 / Double page spread




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